Left: Roopa Chowbey (Founder & President of Formmi Inc.) Right: Savitha Bilgikar (Founder & COO of Formmi Inc.)

We are the music makers,

And we are the dreamers of dreams,

Wandering by lone sea-breakers,

And sitting by desolate streams; —

World-losers and world-forsakers,

On whom the pale moon gleams:

Yet we are the movers and shakers

Of the world for ever, it seems.

● From “Ode” by Arthur O’Shaughnessy (1873)

This was to be the very first meeting the Indian Women Professionals were to have on Zoom. I had connected with Savitha Bilgikar on this many months ago, when she and her business partner Roopa Chowbey were featured on the cover of the CIO Review magazine. Not one…

Wikipedia defines the “Queen bee” as a woman who treats her female subordinates more critically than their male counterparts. It can also describe a woman who has succeeded in her own career only to pull up the ladder behind her. It is long maintained that this corrosive phenomenon is rooted in the misguided perception that there is only room for one woman at the table, but I was surprised to learn that research now theorizes that queen bees are simply trying to emulate the men in an attempt to fit in. …

Indian Women Professionals…creating a professional sisterhood

About a year ago, I approached some of my Indian Working Professional girl friends with the idea of finding a way of bringing more of us together. The 5 women I had chosen to talk to were all leaders in their workplaces, and passionate about their careers, I was sure of that. The thought I planted in their heads was that there was no organization dedicated solely to bring Indian women professionals like ourselves together.

There are many reasons I have for being passionate about this cause and my friends echoed many of my…

Indian Women Professionals

Women helping women with career choices, mentor ship and leadership.

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